Real Heart Estate

With pleasure, we highlight our collaboration with Real Heart Estate, a prominent real estate agency, as an example of successful cooperation in the real estate sector. We take pride in the results achieved through our joint efforts. The satisfaction of our clients and the tangible changes in their real estate business are the best confirmation of our dedication and expertise.

Valais Delivery Portfolio

Our collaboration with Valais Delivery exemplifies successful synergy between our team and the grocery delivery business sector. We are delighted with the results we have achieved through our joint efforts. Our client’s satisfaction and the positive changes we have collectively made in their operations are the best confirmation of our dedication and expertise.


Through our collaboration with BGextremeoutdoor, we focused on optimizing their online presence by designing their website and managing marketing campaigns such as Google Ads and Meta marketing. Through joint efforts, we significantly improved their business in the ski and snowboard equipment rental sector. We are delighted to have contributed to their success and achieved positive results through our partnership.

Successful collaboration with the client GPM One, which specializes in business improvement, has enabled us to assist them in achieving their goals and together, we have achieved significant results. Their satisfaction and positive changes in their business are the best confirmation of our success.

Thai Zone is a family restaurant specializing in Thai cuisine, born as an expanded and enhanced version of the Thai Fazon (Eat Thai) restaurant, which was officially a pioneer in preparing Thai specialties in Belgrade. Our team has thoroughly enjoyed the new flavors, and we will definitely continue ordering food through their website.

The company AMCARCO d.o.o. has been in operation since 2006. Our primary focus is on selling automotive service equipment and professional hand tools. Through quality business practices, customer dedication, efficient service, and continuous innovation, we have successfully sustained our presence in the market for many years.

The concept of the TOCOLORO Dance Academy was created by dynamic artists and instructors who share a unique vision: that the progress of any dancer is guaranteed only through the incorporation of various classes – singing, speech, movement, dance, understanding music, understanding culture, and acting. Recognizing the value that ‘cross-training’ would have for each individual performer, the curriculum of the TOCOLORO Dance Academy was developed.

Thank you for joining us on our journey and being a part of this success story. 31Season was founded in 2021 in Belgrade, Serbia. Our brand started as a small cult and family. At 31Season, we have managed to build a brand and a family by connecting street fashion with simplicity and love.

The training process in water polo, as in other sports, plays a crucial role in achieving top-level athletic performance. The foundation for potential progress in competitive results lies in the organization of training work.

BVU Vračar is another satisfied client that has elected to collaborate with our team. Following our partnership in web design and digital marketing, they have achieved noteworthy progress in acquiring new clients.

Aura Fire challenges traditional approaches to enhance design freedom for every project, regardless of its size, providing tailored, precise, and unbiased guidance. As an active member of the broader design team, obtaining an integrated design solution is a priority, while upholding our core values of safety, ethics, quality, and sustainability.

The company Galerija nekretnine doo from Belgrade is an absolute leader of the new wave of firms engaged in real estate brokerage in an innovative way by introducing professional standards in presenting real estate in a previously unseen manner in the domestic market.


ВНЖС is another client who is extremely satisfied with our collaboration. We have assisted them in the field of marketing services, and this partnership has allowed them to significantly stand out in their market and acquire new clients, which is the best confirmation of the success of our collaboration.

Since the establishment of the company, their main product line has been sheet metal work, primarily focused on sheet metal products related to construction. Due to their production capabilities, RSN Mišić has become a supplier and collaborator with many other family-owned construction companies.

Laundry operates in a purpose-built laundry facility, where spaces for dirty and clean laundry are strictly separated, without any cross-contamination during the work process. They have a capacity of 400 kg/h of dry laundry. The average age of their machines is 3 years.

Sama Optics is a company that focuses on providing high-quality vision care products through innovative sales approaches and modern technologies. They also stand out for offering expert medical advice related to vision. Their goal is to become the leading online retailer of high-standard vision care products, reflecting their ambition to become industry leaders and offer exceptional products and services to customers.

TOLPIT (Total Optical Lab Production Information Technology) is a web application that operates through a web browser. TOLPIT is a comprehensive system that can manage your store, warehouse, lens production, sales, procurement, inventory, communication, earnings, and much more.

The company is engaged in trading frozen organic products, collaborative production of organic fruits with partners, and in-house cultivation of organic fruits in the fertile fields of Mačva, which is considered one of the most fertile regions for plant production in the Republic of Serbia.


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