Software distribution

Safety and efficiency in work is guaranteed only by using original computer software.  In accordance with your needs and the needs of your business, choose a solution that will fully satisfy all your requirements.


TOLPIT is a multipurpose web application that works through an internet browser. As the industry continues to grow in size and complexity, running a business becomes increasingly difficult and competitive. Despite shrinking profit margins, company owners are expected to be able to offer insight, advice and provide excellent customer service, while complying with complex regulations and increasing profitability. To do this, we recommend TOLPIT software that would help You in Your daily business.



is a complete system, with an integrated internal business service and a service department. Automatic posting turns accounting into a dream. Integration with tracers, edgers, lens meters enables the flow of information in a safe and secure way.

Electronic ordering between stores and workshops/laboratories and even manufacturers makes TOLPIT very fast and reliable. TOLPIT is a system that closes the entire circle of daily business – store management, company headquarters management, workshop control, lens and contact lens production management.